Sound Off San Diego

Pro: Argument in favor of the isssue.

I think that voters are finally waking up! They’re beginning to realize that if they continue to ignore what’s happening in government it can and will get worse, and they’ve had enough! They’re finally beginning to understand that a democracy doesn’t work unless the electorate does, and I believe they’re ready to start working for at least a few minutes a week to understand the issues being considered by their elected officials and to feed back their own opinions to those officials.

I’m confident that many of them will sign up to receive a reminder email each time Sound Off San Diego posts a new question or issue and I believe they’ll visit the SOSD site and cast their vote. No, not everybody will do it, there will always be a significant part of any group that are “coasters,” but the movers and shakers, the opinion formers, will see that Sound Off San Diego is an excellent opportunity for them to be a part of change, rather than a victim of it.

I believe that Sound Off San Diego is bound to be a huge success, and a driver of change for the better here in America’s Finest City!