Sound Off San Diego


The issue is this; our electorate has disengaged from the democratic process! Elected officials are able to do pretty much whatever they care to, because they know the voters are paying no attention whatsoever. If that condition continues, we have no reason to expect anything better than what we’ve been getting from our city and county government, and what we’ve been getting hasn’t been working for us.

Sound Off San Diego wants to change that. We feel that unless the electorate rejoins the system, our future will look even worse than our past. SOSD wants to re-involve YOU in the governance process by giving you the opportunity to understand the issues currently before the City Council and County Board of Supervisors, and to allow you to make your opinions known to the people who are supposed to be representing you…BEFORE they cast their vote on the action being considered.

The question we’re asking you to answer today is whether you think the voters will respond to this concept. Will YOU agree that it’s worth a few minutes of your time each week to understand the questions your elected representatives are being asked to vote on, to understand how their answers will affect your future and that of your children, and to let them know how YOU feel they should vote…BEFORE they cast that vote? Or will we all just continue to let the issues be decided in favor of the special interests who see an opportunity to feather their own nests at the expense of the taxpayers?

Read the arguments pro and con, and then please let us know how YOU feel about the question!