Sound Off San Diego

Con: Argument against the issue

This is a pipe dream! The electorate just proved their disengagement from the political process by staying away from the mayoral election in droves. The turnout was the lowest in history! There were clearly issues they voted on without the most miniscule trace of understanding, which proves to me that they really don’t give a hoot about government! They’ve given up on it! They’re convinced that there’s no way local government will ever again represent the best interests of the people.

Joe and Judy Sixpack will continue to spend hours reading the sports pages, even as the special interests that now control our elected officials get rich at Joe and Judy’s expense. They’ll spend more time analyzing box scores than they will trying to understand what’s happening to them at City Hall, even as the water gets scarcer and potholes get larger. Good grief, 63% of them voted to allow the mayor to choose his own auditor, the guy who’s supposed to be looking over the mayor’s shoulder to be sure he’s not cooking the books. Do you really think these people took the time to understand that issue?

I believe Sound Off San Diego is going to go over like the proverbial lead balloon. The voters would rather occupy their minds with trivia than pay attention to what’s happening to them at City Hall!