Sound Off San Diego

Who Are We?

Dissatisfied with local government? Convinced that your elected officials are representing somebody’s best interests, but they aren’t yours? Do you wish you could give them a piece of your mind every so often, and to tell them how YOU think they ought to vote on an issue? Well stop wishing! It’s happening!

Sound Off San Diego is a new website dedicated to the proposition that a democracy only works if the elected officials stay in close touch with the voters. SOSD will give you the opportunity to understand the issues being considered by city and county officials, and to feed back your opinions on how YOU think they should vote on those questions. It will open a dialog between you and the people who are supposed to be representing you, as you register your preferences here and we feed that information back to your city and county officials.

Each week, we will cover an issue being considered at some level of city or county government. We will present pro and con arguments written by individuals who feel passionately about that issue and who are qualified to present an objective opinion. You will have the chance to understand both sides of the question, and to make an intelligent, informed decision about how you think it ought to be decided, and you will be able to cast a vote for or against. Sound Off San Diego will transmit that vote tally to the elected or appointed officials closest to the issue so they can understand how YOU feel about the question! Then, after they have made their official decision, we will announce it on SOSD and compare it with the opinion of the voters.

Like the concept? Think it’s about time the electorate had more input into the decisions being made that affect us each day? Tell us whether YOU think Sound Off San Diego will be a huge success, or another failed attempt to change what’s happening to us at the hands of government? Read the pro and con arguments and vote on this question right now, and while you’re at it, sign up for an email announcement each time we post a new issue on Sound Off San Diego. We’ll make YOU part of the governmental process!

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